Alvis 3 Litre Special

Following the end of World War 2 Alvis remerged with a range of cars, based on their pre war chassis. As with many manufacturers there was no time or money to develop new products, therefore the TA14 was really a freshened up pre war 12/70 introduced in 1938.

Alvis had always sold well built cars with sporting pretensions, but the TA14 offered little in terms of real performance with the 4 cylinder engine and heavy coachwork.

Our Alvis 3 Litre Special, is fitted with a 3 litre Alvis six cylinder engine from the immediate post war TC mated to a TD cylinder head and fitted with 3 SU carburettors and straight through exhaust system.

The bodywork is all aluminium and built on a tubular frame, the design of the coachwork has been taken from racing specials of famous European Marques of the mid 1930's

The power to weight ratio makes this a fast, sure footed special, for rally use

  • Racing Green Engineering 
    Alvis 3 Litre Special – Specification

    Chassis: Refurbished Alvis TA14

    Engine: Alvis 2993cc, six-cylinder in-line. Wet sump lubrication.

    3 SU Type H.6 carburettors. Selectable engine driven mechanical or twin electric fuel pumps.

    Exhaust System: Large-bore straight through stainless steel exhaust system.

    Clutch: Single dry plate, heavy duty.

    Transmission: Alvis four speed and reverse. Choice of crown wheel and pinion ratio.

    Suspension: Upgraded front and rear road springs

    Braking System: Mechanical front and rear drum brakes.

    Wheels & Tyres: 18” wire wheels with 18 x 6.00 tyres. Knock on spinners.

    Bodywork: Aluminium panelled tubular framed body. Full tonneau cover. Leather upholstered driver and passenger bucket seats.