B Special Fastback

The fusion of Bentley engineering and the design concept of H.J. Mulliner produced one of the most desirable of cars – the R Type Continental. Its appeal remaining timeless and regarded by collectors Worldwide as one of the most beautiful high performance Grand Tourers ever produced.

 The cars luxurious interior and road manners are the pinnacle of the Silent Sports Car philosophy of the Bentley marque.

 Our interpretation of this design is based on the R Type chassis, 4,566cc straight six engine with higher compression, big bore exhaust and Continental rear axle ratio.

 The bodywork is all aluminium on a lightweight steel frame with heated rear window, tinted windscreen and electrically operated side windows. As per the original concept, the sumptuous interior features Connolly leather trim, deep Wilton carpets and polished walnut dashboard and door cappings.

 A Luxury Express

  • Racing Green Engineering
    Fastback – Specification

    Chassis: Refurbished Bentley R Trpe

    Engine: Bentley 4566cc, six-cylinder in-line. Wet lubrication system.

    2 SU Type H.6 carburettors.Twin electric fuel pumps.

    Exhaust System: Large-bore straight through stainless steel exhaust system.

    Clutch: Single dry plate, heavy duty or lightweight diaphragm.

    Transmission: Bentley Four speed and reverse. Choice of crown wheel and pinion ratio.

    Suspension: Upgraded front and rear road springs

    Braking System: Hydraulic front drum brakes, mechanical rear drum brakes, assisted by mechanically driven servo.

    Bodywork: Steel framed. Aluminium panelled. Tinted laminated front windscreen. Tinted heated rear windscreen. All bright work chrome-plated. Interior leather upholstered, with driver and passenger bucket seats. High quality close woven carpets. Veneered interior woodwork.