A fascination with engineering fires in car lovers a passion and a sense of unique identity which are reflected in the comments of some of our clients below;

Dr Sigurd Schönherr, Berlin Germany

“My Speed 8 and Blue Train are really perfectly engineered vintage cars and the after sales service too is first class, even though we are in another country. When you look at these cars and drive these cars you just have to feel happy!”

Trevor Davis, UK

The engineering quality and the attention to detail shown by Racing Green Engineering in the manufacture of their motor cars is of the highest order. In the time I have owned this vehicle, it has proved to be totally reliable and retains its ‘as new’ appearance. RGE in the shape of Peris and Nigel are true enthusiasts and a delight to know, showing long term commitment to their customers and their motor cars

Anton Gonnissen & Innge Willemen, Belgium

“I was that charmed by the looks of the Bentley and I just had to have it, my interest went from 0-100 in a second, it was that fast!”
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Clive Emson, UK

“I bought my Le Mans 8 in 2007 and have enjoyed every moment since then, including the trip to Monaco where it was the only car allowed to park outside the Cafe De Paris in Casino Square for the whole evening! The service from Peris, Nigel and the team has been second to none, nothing is too much trouble. What a fantastic decision to buy the car – one that I have not regretted for one moment”.

Volker Kramer, Dusseldorf, Germany

“Just nice and reliable people that can build nice and reliable cars. Even after three years it is still an extraordinary event driving my Le Mans 8”

Tom & Doreen Vandekerckhove Belgium

"The Racing Green team did an excellent job on my Bentley.The work they did was carried out by professionals with many years of experience in every part of the construction: coachwork, chassis engine trim and electrics. Also Racing Green Engineering Ltd are very open to customize your Bentley to your exact specification. I can thoroughly recommend Racing Green Engineering Ltd to every true enthusiast"

Derek Mowatt, Scotland

"Fantastic and mind blowing, everybody loves the Bentley"

Dominic McGuinness, UK

“I’ve been fortunate to own my Speed 8 since October 2007. During that time we have covered over 11,000 miles across Europe and the UK. From trips through France, Spain and Italy, around Eire and of course the must do – UK Lands End to John O’Groats my car has performed faultlessly. The RGE rugged design, combined with the highest quality of materials and execution along with attention to detail have ensured a reliable and enjoyable combination on all our joint adventures. A delight to drive.

Andrea & Simon Blyth, UK

"My wife Andrea and I took delivery of our Bentley Blue Train some months ago, and were delighted when it arrived. Now after 2,000 miles of pleasure we are not only delighted but proud. Proud of the workmanship, style and sheer presence the car enjoys. We would like to thank those involved for such a superb motor car. The Bentley has been out and about and even been the guest of honour at a Bentley Boys dinner at Crewe Hall! The Blue Train is our second car from Racing Green Engineering Ltd and we look forward to our continued relationship with further cars in the future.”